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BÈTA industrie is a knowledge center in the field of valves and industrial filters. It is precisely the combination of these two disciplines that makes us unique in the Netherlands.

Choosing the right filter or valve

Choosing and selecting the right filter or valve is a profession in its own right. Service is our top priority. We are independent of manufacturers and are not hindered by the limitations of a manufacturer's program. Filtration is not so much a science as it is an experiential art. There are often several possible solutions, the challenge is to choose the most efficient one. A filter dimensioned too small may result in high pressure drops, short service lives and high exchange and consumption costs. Sometimes a self-cleaning filter can be used, sometimes you have to rely on conventional mechanical filtration. Our advisors make a thorough analysis of your process, perform filter tests if necessary and desired and are happy to advise you.


BÈTA industrie looks at the complete picture:

  • Efficiency, quality and reliability
  • Maintenance and replacement costs
  • Availability and process progress
  • Specific process/product requirements
  • Handling and operability
  • Security risks
  • Environmental aspects
  • If necessary, we provide valve and filter tests within our company or at partners or third parties. We can also assist on location with maintenance, measuring and identification of brand, type, etc.

Maintenance training

  • BÈTA industrie also provides training for engineering, production and maintenance personnel with the aim of enabling the correct deployment and use of valves. All relevant aspects are also discussed, such as safety, product risks, ease of use and sterilization and hygiene in foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.
  • Based on our involvement and passion, our advisors are happy to make an independent analysis of your process with points for improvement. We provide tailor-made solutions, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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