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Straight-flow screening machine

Straight flow zeefmachine | BÈTA Industrie

Straight-flow screening machine on top of your process

A BÈTA straight-flow screening machine is often used as a final check screen on top of, for example, a Big-Bag filling installation, bulk truck or bag filling machine. Because the vibrating motors are mounted on the side of the machine in a straight-flow screening machine, it is possible to let product fall through the machine in a straight line. This provides a high capacity, but is also subject to some restrictions.

Vibration patterns of the screening machine

Because the BÈTA straight-flow screening machine does not (cannot) have the same vibration patterns as traditional BÈTA sieving machines, the addition of traditional sieve cleaning systems (with rings, balls or sliders) is less effective and it is more difficult to get the product on fine sieve decks smaller than 1 mm. to seven. BÈTA straight-flow sieving machines are extremely suitable for checking the product for coarse contamination.

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