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Chemical industry

Product range

The chemical industry uses various filters and valves from our broad portfolio in a variety of processes, ranging from the production of chemicals and biofuels, to green building blocks for the biobased economy. The processes often take place under high pressure and temperature.

High requirements for filters and valves

In addition to high pressures and temperatures, filters and valves must also be able to withstand hazardous and aggressive substances and other challenging process conditions. The safety and reliability of our products are therefore paramount. In this way we guarantee the longest possible service life of our filters and valves to prevent unnecessary changes and to allow operators to work as safely as possible.

We look for the best solution for each process. This is based on a thorough cost-benefit analysis, as well as the exclusion of avoidable risks.

Choice of specific filters or valves

The choice of certain filters and valves is related to the product flow. Therefore, some products are made of exotic materials, such as duplex, titanium and hastelloy. Some filter housings are also provided with a special coating.

You can also contact us for the rental of special equipment, for example to clean a contaminated production line. Furthermore, applications such as catalyst material recovery, polishing filters, condensate and hydrocarbons hold no secrets for us.

inzet chemie markten
inzet chemie markten

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