Multiflow filter cartridges

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Multiflow filter cartridges for the best filtration

The Multiflow cartridge filter is the best filtration solution when you want a large dirt holding capacity and long service life. No other filter cartridge on the market has a dirt holding capacity that comes even remotely close. The Multiflow filter cartridge has a radially pleated filter surface and therefore a filter surface area of up to 22m2 per filter cartridge. This is in contrast to traditionally folded filter cartridges, which are folded lengthwise.

The Multiflow cartridge filters are available in 5 different lengths


  • Cartridge filter 10”
  • Cartridge filter 20”
  • Cartridge filter 30”
  • Cartridge filter 40”
  • Cartridge filter 60”

Filter finenesses:

  • 2 microns (743B)
  • 5 microns (744B)
  • 10 microns (745B)
  • 15 microns (746B)
  • 25 microns (747B)
  • 40 microns (748B)
  • 70 microns (749B)
  • Multiflow cartridge filter advantages:

    The multiflow cartridge filter has a dirt trapping holding capacity of up to 10 kg per filter cartridge! In addition, this cartridge filter is available in various types of material; including polypropylene and polyester, with finenesses of: 2 to 70 microns Beta 500 (99%). In addition, an O-ring seal: EPDM, Viton, NBR, FEP. Outer diameter 152 mm (6”), Flow per filter maximum approx. 25 m3/h. Available in vertical and horizontal arrangement. For more information about the multiflow cartridge filter, you can download the above product sheet.

    • Long service life, little operator exposure
    • Easy filter changes
    • Relatively little waste and waste costs
    • High dirt trapping capacity
    • Minimal operational costs

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