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Gardeners and nurseries are paying more and more attention to wastewater treatment. After all, the companies must meet strict discharge requirements, as prescribed by the European Water Framework Directive.

Strict requirements for waste water discharge

As with other sectors, the government is increasingly restricting the discharge of waste water. The aim of the government and the industry is to have no discharge of drain water from a greenhouse by 2027 and to recirculate all the water. That is why the companies invest in innovative purification facilities to largely purify their wastewater from harmful and poorly degradable substances.

BÈTA industrie responded to this and developed a filter that vibrates the solids from the waste water without losing the nutrients. The BÈTA horticultural filter separates the polluted water into a solid mass. Customers can dispose of these to reuse the clean water. This fits in well with the intended circular economy.

Screening machines with an attractive payback model

Depending on the degree of soiling, desired capacity and presence of algae, we select a screening machine with a filter with a diameter of 20-40 microns. The low energy consumption of the filter (0.25 – 1.8 kW), the low maintenance and production costs and the quality of the return water make for a very attractive payback model.

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