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Whey sieving machine

Wei zeefmachine | BÈTA Industrie

When producing cheese, whey is produced, whey is the liquid that is released after the milk has curdled. During curdling, the milk separates into curds (the solid parts) and into a liquid called whey.

Whey treatment

Every cheese manufacturer has its own method, but none seem to be 100% effective at separating, which is why whey consists largely of curds, water, minerals and whey proteins. Gone are the days when whey was seen as animal feed. whey still contains many useful and good substances.

At present, the whey often still consists of 90% water and an average cheese factory releases 20 – 60 m3/hour of whey. Transporting that whey to the whey powder companies requires an enormous amount of truck capacity and this is very inefficient. To remove water from the whey, many cheese manufacturers use a combination of a pre-filtration, fat centrifuge, pasteurization and reverse osmosis. As a result, only the concentrated whey needs to be transported. The disadvantage of a reverse osmosis unit is that it is unsuitable for treating water with a lot of solids and fats.


Various pre-filtration techniques are available to filter the whey in such a way that the membranes of the reverse osmosis systems do not clog or damage. These are:

  • Clarifiers
  • Decanters
  • Rotating sieves
  • Screen bends
  • Vibrating Screens

Advantages Whey sieving machine

Of all the above techniques, however, the whey sieve is the variant where the lowest investment is required, a good quality whey is obtained and the cheese that is sieved has almost the same structure and quality as the cheese in the production. The whey sieve is designed in such a way that it does not damage the structure of the cheese, so that it usually yields a good price per kilo.

In addition, the whey sieve optimally protects the fat centrifuge. The fat centrifuge removes the last remnants of fat from the whey. Fat is a component that is added as an ingredient in cheese production and is of very high value. However, centrifuges are very sensitive to contamination by solids and therefore require regular maintenance. The power consumption of a centrifuge is very high. The BÈTA whey sieve ensures that the whey is of such a clean and good quality after sieving that the fat centrifuge not only suffers less from contamination (and therefore requires less maintenance), but also that the efficiency of the fat centrifuge is significantly increased. increased and it yields more fat.

Service and maintenance

AMKCO Europe BV and BÈTA industrie have a long track record in the milk industry. More than 500 installations have now been delivered throughout Europe. As a result, we know the process in its entirety and we can also give the right advice when the whey sieve does not function optimally. In addition, with a maintenance contract we can ensure that your operators can spend their maximum on the primary production process. In addition to whey treatment, you can also use the sieving filter for filtering:

  • Whey powders
  • Baby food
  • Milk powder
  • Lactose powder
  • Melted cheese
  • Brine filtration as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis

Whey sieving machine design

The BÈTA whey vibrating screens are designed and produced by the Dutch producer AMKCO Europe. The units are standard equipped with a 43 or 32 micron screen deck and a motor of up to 1.8 kW for capacities of 30-35 m3/h. Only spherical elements are used so that no dead spaces are created. No welds in sharp corners and a light stainless steel construction. However, the machines can be built completely modularly in accordance with the applicable legislation, your requirements and wishes in the field of HACCP. You can think of CIP bulbs, multiple filtration steps, and a mounting frame.

The collaboration between BÈTA industrie and AMKCO Europe enables us to react quickly, to work with short delivery times for machines and screen decks. Screen decks can also be delivered within a few days for machines from other manufacturers. Our advisors are ready to help you to identify the possibilities for your process. For this you can contact us by phone on: +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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