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The Bernoulli filter is made by a Swedish manufacturer, which carries out continuous innovation and product adjustments to the filters. They produce reliable and self-cleaning water filters with an ingeniously simple design, which guarantees safe operation for years to come. Their filter solutions are also sustainable, because they allow the use of water from natural sources such as the sea, a lake or river.

Bernoulli filter versions

  • Single basket Bernoulli filter
  • Multibasket Bernoulli filter
  • Manual Bernoulli filter
  • Centrifugal Bernoulli filter

Singlebasket Bernoulli filter

Singlebasket Bernoulli filters are available in different materials, such as PVC, 316 stainless steel, and GRP. The BSP type is very suitable for seawater applications with a capacity of up to 130m3/h. The BBS is designed for industries where stainless steel 316 is used and the BBS has a capacity of up to 2000m3/h. The BSG is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester and is very durable and very low in weight.

Multibasket Bernoulli filter

The Multibasket Bernoulli filter (BMG) has multiple filter baskets and comes in four models, DN400 (16”) to DN800 (32”), with a capacity range of up to 8400 m3/h. Thanks to the use of multiple filter baskets in one filter body, fine filtration down to 100 microns is achievable even at high flow rates. This means that a single multi-basket unit is capable of doing the work of several smaller units with one basket. This results in a space-saving installation that requires far fewer pipes. Like BSG's single basket product line, BMG's product line benefits from the use of GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) as filter body material. That is the superior material choice for seawater applications.

Manual Bernoulli filter

The manual Bernoulli filters are supplied in 2 models MSG and MSS. The MSG product line consists of six models, DN100 (4”) - DN350 (14”) with throughput capacities up to 1600 m3/h. The MSS filter and the MSG filter are durable and lightweight due to the GRP filter body. The MSS product line meets the requirement of industries where stainless steel is critical. Six models of MSS filters are available, ranging in size from DN 80 (3") to DN 300 (12"), covering capacities up to 1200 m3/h.

Centrifugal Bernoulli filter

A Centrifugal Bernoulli filter, also called a centrifugal separator, is actually not a filter as it does not contain a sieve element to filter out the particles. The separation is instead filtered by centrifugal force. The efficiency of this separator is proportional to the similar density and size distribution of the particles. The centrifugal separator removes 98% of all particles with a specific gravity of 2.6-2.8 (such as sand) up to a size of 75 microns, provided the pressure loss across the unit is a minimum of 0.3 bar. A centrifugal separator must be installed downstream of the feed pump to ensure adequate pressure during purging and to overcome the pressure drop across the unit.

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