Gate valves

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Gate valves for various applications

Gate valves are used both above ground and underground for a wide variety of applications. They are used as isolation valves in a pipeline network. Gate valves are designed for a fully open or fully closed situation. Gate valves are also perfect in arrangements where a minimum pressure loss is allowed and full bore must be guaranteed.

Types of gate valves from BÈTA industrie

BÈTA industrie supplies a complete range of high quality cast gate valves in DIN and ANSI versions. The uniqueness of this program is that we are able to deliver largely from stock, even the larger versions (up to 24”). Gate valves are used for on/off operation in hydrocarbons, general process applications, water and utility service in all possible temperature ranges. Gate valves create a laminar flow and have a low pressure drop through the entire opening. They can be used in all directions, close well and have no risk of water hammer due to the gradual opening and closing. BÈTA industrie supplies all possible types;

  • Rising Handwheel
  • Non-rising handwheel
  • Inner spindle
  • Outer Spindle
  • Conical slide
  • Parallel Slide

Sealing material for gate valves

Sealing material depending on the application, this can optionally be metallic sealing. The sealing material is available in DIN and ANSI, pressure classes from full vacuum to PN 100 (and ANSI 600#) and temperature range from cryogenic to 425oC. It is also available in stainless steel, carbon steel, nodular cast iron, cast iron and bronze. All our gate valves are tested in accordance with DIN EN 12266. Dimensions from ½” to 24” are usually available from stock.

Special Applications Gate Valve

BÈTA industrie supplies custom gate valves for special applications in the oil and gas industry, for example slab gate valves in ANSI 900#, ANSI 1500# and ANSI 2500#. Trim materials F6, F304, stellite, monel, F316 and Alloy20 and other exotic materials. Special versions in wrought iron. Provided with all necessary certificates. Wall thickness according to API 600. Testing and inspection according to API 598 and ASME B16.34.

Delivery of gate valves largely from stock

Our gate valves are largely available from stock, so we can sometimes guarantee delivery within 24 hours. Are you curious about which type of valve fits best in your installation? Then let one of our specialists inform you. This can be done by telephone on: +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below.

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