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Complete line of 12" & 16" filter modules

BÈTA industrie supplies a complete line of filter modules. Filter modules have many advantages over, for example, filter plates. The filter modules have a closed system and are therefore a lot easier to operate. In addition, there are no leakage losses and better sterilizability and cleaning is possible. So also an ideal solution for pre-filtration of membrane cartridges in sterile application.

Filter module with optimal depth filtration

Due to the sophisticated composition of cellulose fibres, binding agent and filter aids, our filters provide an optimal and very special depth filtration. Ideal for removing haze and fine filtration from foodstuffs such as beer, spirits, cosmetics and pharmaceutical processes. The support material of our filter modules is completely polypropylene. Due to our new integrated design, no metal straps are needed to keep the module together.

High Quality Filter Module

The European top manufacturer that we carry has a complete line of validated filter modules, supported with every possible test support. A special version is available with activated carbon plates in 45 g/m2 and 60 g/m2 for the removal of organic components from aqueous liquids. As a special version, enzyme-resistant filter plates, support filter plates with polymer fibers and filter plates with PVPP are available (stabilization of beer).

Dimensions and technical data filter modules

The filter modules are available in various sizes. Standard 12” diameter and 16 cells (1.8m2) and 16” with 16 cells (3.6m2). This is possible in the traditional DOE version (double open end), but also with code 7 double O-ring seal for 100% sealing. Below the technical data for the filter modules is specified:

  • Type: Separation value (micron)
  • BEM S: 0,4
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technical data filtermodules beta industrie

BÈTA industrie Filter Modules

We can supply the filter modules with accompanying housings in standard versions, but can also make them to measure. In this way we can offer completely customer-specific solutions. Our specialists can tell you exactly what the best solution is for your process. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Then contact us now! This can be done by telephone on +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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