Filter bags

Filterzakken van beta industrie

Complete program of filter bags

A bag filter is still the best solution in many applications, for example for viscous products and batch processes. Our filter bags are available in a wide range of materials; polypropylene, polyester, nylon (needle felt and NMO), nomex, PTFE and ryton (PPS). Depending on the temperature of the process and the desired chemical resistance, we can offer you the best possible filter material. Our filter bags are available in finenesses from 1200 microns (mesh) to 1 micron (needle felt).

Filter bags for optimal depth filtration

In addition, we also carry a complete range of absolute filter bags (99% efficient), special filter bags for oil adsorption and filter bags with multiple layers for optimal depth filtration. The seal of a filter bag is available with the standard metal ring as well as with a plastic collar (“click system” for 100% bypass-free filtration). All our filter bags are welded, which guarantees the filter fineness.

Our filter bags always consist of FDA-approved materials and are therefore suitable for use in the food industry where the Food certificates (EC 1935/2004) apply.

Filter bag production

Production of our filter bags takes place in a strictly controlled and conditioned production facility, so that we can also guarantee silicone-free supplies, something that is required, for example, for coatings in the automotive industry. We also supply a full line of filter housings. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Our specialists are happy to help you with which application best suits your process. You can contact one of our specialists without any obligation. This can be done by telephone on +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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