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At BÈTA industrie we have a wide range of industrial filters of high quality. Standard filters are available, but we can also tailor the filter applications completely.

Custom filterhuizen beta industrie Custom-made filter housings

Every application is different, which means tailor-made solutions are required. At BÈTA industrie we can custom-make any type of filter housing based on your specific demands and wishes.

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Industriele filterhuizen beta-industrie Industrial filter housings

Industrial filter housings available in various materials and for numerous applications. Fast delivery and high-quality filter housings.

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Hogedruk filterhuizen | Beta industrie High pressure filter housings

High-quality high pressure filter housings in various materials and for diverse applications. Quick delivery and competitive prices guaranteed!

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zelfreinigende filter beta-industrie Self-cleaning filters

BÈTA industrie supplies a complete line of filter modules with easy operation, no leakage losses and better sterilizability and cleaning.

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Zeefdekken | Screen decks

BÈTA industrie supplies a complete range of screen covers, for example for our horticultural filter or a screening machine.

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Poreus gesinterd metaal filter | Porous sintered metal

For very critical applications where very high precision is required, BÈTA industrie supplies a range of stainless steel and high-quality metal filters.

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Filterzakken van beta industrie Filter bags

BÈTA industrie supplies a complete program of liquid filter bags of Western European quality.

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Filterplaten Filter plates

We supply a complete program of filter plates with an optimal and very special depth filtration.

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Filter modules | Filter modules

BÈTA industrie supplies a complete line of filter modules with easy operation, no leakage losses and better sterilizability and cleaning.

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Filterkaarsen Cellulose gepliseerd | Cellulose filter cartridges

BÈTA industrie offers a wide range of cellulose filter cartridges in lengths from 10” to 40” often used in the process industry.

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Filterkaars actief kool | Carbon filter cartridges

We provide a complete range of activated carbon filters. These filters are available as activated carbon filter bags, activated carbon filter cartridges, activated carbon blocks and activated carbon granules.

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Filterkaarsen gewikkeld | Beta Industrie Wound filter cartridges

We provide a complete range of wound filter cartridges. In many applications the wound filter cartridge still provides an economic advantage and good quality filtration.

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Filterkaarsen Meltblown | Meltblown cartridge filter

The meltblown cartridge filter offers very good depth filtration. BÈTA industrie supplies a complete package of meltblown depth filter cartridges of European manufacture.

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Geplisseerde filterkaarsen | Filterkaarsen Meltblown | BÈTA Industrie Pleated filter cartridges

We have a complete program of pleated cartridge filters, the standard for (Beta 5000 99.98% absolute) batch filtration.

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multiflow filterkaarsen beta industrie Multiflow filter cartridges

For applications where you want a large dirt holding capacity and long service life, the Multiflow cartridge filter is the best filtration solution.

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high flow filterkarasen High flow filter cartridges

Our high flow filter cartridges are available in various lengths, ranging from 20” up to 80”.

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Standaard filterhuizen beta industrie Standard filter housings

BÈTA industrie provides a complete line of industrial filter housings for cartridge filters and bag filters.

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bernoulli filter multi basket Bernoulli filters

BÈTA industrie is the exclusive agent of the Bernoulli filter. These are reliable and self-cleaning filter systems with an ingenious design and of high quality.

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Filters for every application

BÈTA industrie supplies industrial filter housings in different types of materials and for different applications. Our filters comply with the latest safety regulations and are very efficient in the processes. Filters are used in almost all industries. Our filters can therefore be used in various sectors, such as horticulture, the oil and gas industry and the food and beverage industry.

Industrial filters from BETA industrie

Are you looking for the right filter for your industry? BÈTA industrie supplies a complete program of industrial filters. Do you want to know which filter best suits your application? Then contact one of our specialists! They are happy to help you.

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