Pleated cellulose filter cartridges

Filterkaarsen Cellulose gepliseerd |

Pleated cellulose filter cartridges

BÈTA industrie offers a wide range of cellulose filter cartridges. Cellulose filters are widely used in the process industry. The fibrous structure of a cellulose filter ensures efficient and optimal filtration. Because the filter material of the cellulose cartridge is pleated, the surface area per filter is greatly increased compared to conventional filter cartridges or filter bags.

Benefits of Cellulose filters are:

  • Low Pressure Drop at High Flow
  • Suitable for almost any industrial housing
  • Long service life due to larger surface area
  • Lower costs due to less frequent filter changes

Assortment of filter cartridges cellulose pleated:

  • Length from 10” to 40”
  • Material: Cellulose with plastic end caps
  • Fineness: 0.5 to 100 micron nominal
  • Also in big blue version and special sizes
  • SOE, DOE and special connections
  • Outer diameter 2-1/2”
  • Flow per 10 inch filter maximum approx. 2 m3/h
  • Cellulose pleated filter cartridges

    Cellulose pleated cartridges, like most filters, are available in nominal or absolute filtration (beta 5000). Are you looking for a filter cartridge and do you want tailor-made advice? Please contact one of our specialists. This can be done by telephone on +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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