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Multi-deck screening machine

Dedusting zeefmachine | BÈTA Industrie

Classification is one of the disciplines for which a BÈTA screening machine is used. In addition to removing dirt from a liquid or powder flow, a BÈTA sieving machine is regularly used to divide a product flow into multiple fractions.

Multi-deck screening machine

A BÈTA multi-deck screening machine has several different sieve decks one above the other, so that from coarse to fine product is carried out of the machine at different levels. It is important here that the product, which has flowed through the upper screen deck, is guided to the center of the next screen deck. This is done by means of a so-called distribution frame.

This distribution frame is similar in appearance to all other frames, but on the inside it is equipped with a funnel-shaped, convex bottom with a central outlet opening. In addition, the distribution frame is equipped with two inspection openings, so that the screen image and the inspection of the screen mesh can always be carried out in production.

Multi-deck screening machine from BÈTA industrie

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