Our suppliers

Designing for over 35 years, AMAZON Filters produces innovative filtration solutions that exceed the standard of any competitor. AMAZON Filters is Europe's leading filter manufacturer with production capacity all over the world. Thanks to years of industry knowledge, AMAZON Filters supplies high-quality, reliable and accredited filtration solutions according to your exact specifications. AMAZON Filters is the manufacturer for the tailor-made filter technology. The filter range is used in the food and beverage industry, oil and gas sector, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, chemical industry and paint industry, water treatment and OEM products that have to meet special requirements. It is not for nothing that BÈTA industrie is the partner for the supply of AMAZONE Filters.
Specialist in screening machines. AMKCO Europe has been producing and supplying screening machines and screening materials of the highest quality for over 30 years. The screening machines and screening materials are produced in the Netherlands and meet the highest standard. Thanks to its own production, AMKCO Europe can respond to market demand and deliver quickly if necessary. Through years of experience and testing of the sieving machines in various application areas, AMKCO Europe has found innovative solutions for the use of the vibrating sieve. The horticultural filter is one of the products that has been developed together with the BÈTA industrie due to close cooperation and market demand.
BERNOULLI produces reliable, self-cleaning filters with an ingeniously simple design that ensures continuous, safe operation year after year. The filter solutions are sustainable because they allow the use of water from natural sources, such as the sea, lakes and rivers. The main applications include drinking water treatment, district cooling, water treatment, cooling towers and marine industry.