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High pressure filter housings

Hogedruk filterhuizen | Beta industrie
Filterhuizen | Beta Industrie

High pressure filter housings with top quality standards

At BÈTA industrie we provide high-quality high pressure filter housings. We can supply high pressure filter housings in ASME, TüV, AD2000, BS5500 carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and exotic materials. Additionally it is possible to order filter housings in any color and in accordance with, amongst others, U-stamp.

High pressure filter housings for various applications

We have years of experience when it comes to supplying high pressure filters. Our high pressure filters are available as cartridge filter, basket filter and coalescer filter for gas and liquids. The type of high pressure filter you need depends on the application. Above 200 bar we work with special, non-welded filter housings. In total, our high pressure filter housings are available up to 3000 bar!

The design of our high pressure filters is in accordance with:

  • ASME VIII — U-stamp
  • European PED
  • Russian GOST

Ordering high pressure filter housings from BÈTA industrie

At BÈTA industrie we specialize in the filtration of different liquids for various applications. Thanks to this we can offer you the best advice. Are you curious what we can do for you or would you like to gather more information on our filter housings? Feel free to contact one of our specialists, they will gladly assist you! You can easily contact our specialists, either by calling +31 79 341 55 18 or simply by pressing the button below!

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