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Spherical segment valves

Bolsegmentafsluiter | Beta Industrie
Bolsegmentafsluiter | Beta Industrie
Bolsegmentafsluiter | Beta Industrie

AGP spherical segment valve

At BÈTA industrie you have come to the right place when you are looking for spherical segment valves. We are the agent of the successful AGP spherical segment valves, this is the best available valve among tanks and silos. In addition, this spherical segment valve can prevent and solve many common problems:

  • Bridging and flow restriction
  • Product jamming
  • Cross contamination
  • Cleaning issues
  • Leakage through the seat and frequent maintenance
  • Dead space
  • Installation issues

Spherical segment valve with inflatable gasket

The spherical segment valve is equipped with an inflatable gasket, ideal for abrasive products and where 100% guaranteed sealing is crucial, for example with vacuum, solvents, toxic substances and very fine powders. The valve is also available in a version with a static seal.

Why a spherical segment valve?

A spherical segment valve is often used in atmospheric conditions and in situations where the total outflow of mixed materials becomes critical. Compared to standard valves, these valves ensure minimal dead space between screw and valve, resulting in higher mixing accuracy and optimal cleaning options. The spherical segment and a rotation possibility of 90 degrees ensure that even difficult-flowing products can pass the full passage of the valve in a short time. During rotation, the segment moves freely along the spherical housing. Watch a video about the operation of the spherical segment valve here!

Would you like to know which type is best suited to your situation? Then let one of our specialists advise you. For this you can contact us by phone on: +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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