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Scalper screening machine

scalper zeefmachine beta-industrie

Scalper screening machine from BÈTA industrie

A BÈTA Scalper screening machine is used in situations where a large amount of product has to be cleaned of a small amount of "foreign material". Standard BÈTA screening machines are equipped with a lower frame which is provided with a spherical bottom and a tangentially placed outlet. In most processes, the passage of the screen mesh is a limiting factor, the screen mesh simply cannot handle more product and will overflow.

In some processes, the limiting factor is not the permeability of the screen mesh, but the capacity of the lower frame. In that case, the capacity of the product is so high that the combination of the spherical bottom and the tangentially placed spout cannot handle this capacity. A scalper screening machine is equipped with a diagonally placed bottom that ensures that the product is fed directly towards the outlet of the machine.

Scalper screening machine for your process

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