papier en karton industrie

Paper and cardboard industry

Product range

The paper and cardboard industry supplies a wide range of products, from newsprint, books, coffee filters and puzzles to toilet paper and luxury paper for perfume packaging. In total, there are as many as 5000 different applications, the Technical Association for the worldwide Pulp, Paper, and converting Industry (TAPPI) has calculated. BÈTA industrie supplies automatic filters and vibrating screens to almost all paper and cardboard factories in our country, whose production has traditionally been concentrated in the province of Gelderland.

Filters for paper mills

In the past, the many streams, lakes and rivers proved to be ideally suited for the construction of paper mills. Paper manufacturers use our automatic filters to remove unwanted particles from the coating, which prevents the paper from being scratched. We also supply a wide range of vibrating sieves to remove coarse particles from paper pulp.

Filters for the paper and cardboard industry

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