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Standard screening machine

Standaard zeefmachine |

Standard screening machines from BÈTA industrie

Our standard screening machines can be used for many different applications and in a very wide area. The screening machinescan be used for both wet and dry screening applications.

In addition, every BÈTA vibrating screening machine has a modular construction, so that every sieving machine can be adapted or expanded at any time with standard components, without having to make major structural adjustments to the machine. Various cleaning systems are available for an existing standard screening machine, which can be implemented beforehand or afterwards. In addition, a single-deck machine can be converted to a multi-dek screening machine by means of standard components.

Dimensions of standard screening machines

The screening machines are available in diameters from 18” (450 mm) to 84” (2100 mm), many applications can suffice with a BÈTA standard screening machine. Based on the specific application, it is determined whether a cleaning system (balls, sliders or ultrasonic) is necessary in a BÈTA standard screening machine. This will be determined on the basis of a short test or previous experience.

Would you like to know which standard screening machine is best suited for your situation? Then let one of our specialists advise you. For this you can contact us by phone on: +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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