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Modular screening machines

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Complete program of modular screening machines

BÈTA industrie is the exclusive representative of Amkco Europe bv in the Benelux and supplies a complete program of screening machines for both wet and dry screening applications. The BÈTA industrial screening machines are unique because they can be built up completely modularly. In addition, they are designed, produced and tested in the Dutch factory of Amkco Europe bv. In this way we can guarantee a very short delivery time for machines and screen decks.


Screening machines are used in many different processes, often for the separation of liquids and solids and the sorting of powders or granulates. Because a vibrating sieve does not require rinsing water or consumables and is practically maintenance-free, a vibrating sieve is increasingly replacing conventional techniques such as sieve bends, sand filters, belt filters, paper filters or automatic filters. These installations all have the disadvantage that they produce a residual flow, such as waste water or the used paper and tape. This naturally also entails costs for the disposal of these flows.

Design of vibrating screening machine

Because the BÈTA industrie screening machine has a modular design, it can be built for your specific process application. Even when the plant is already in operation, the system can be adapted to optimize the process. A single-deck machine can be converted to a multi-deck machine using standard components. Standard vibrating sieves have a diameter of 18” to 84” but customization is also available for every application that exactly meets your specific needs.

Each screening machine can be provided with various options:

  • CIP installation
  • Cover for powders and granules
  • Frame installation
  • Screen decks
  • Sliders
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Vibrating Balls

Customized screening machines available

Based on the process, we put together the optimal screening machine together with the customer. We also have test machines to filter your process on location. Our screening machines and accessories are also suitable for other manufacturers of sieving machines. A vibrating screen is available for every application, we would be happy to visit you to make an inventory of your wishes. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Then contact one of our specialists now! This can be done by telephone on +31 79 341 55 18 or simply via the button below!

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