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Sjoerd Scholte | BÈTA Industrie
Sjoerd Scholte Director

After years of working in commercial positions, I accidentally landed in a technical commercial position. Over the years I have been able to gain a lot of experience in filtration and valves. Vincent Eijt and I have known each other for quite some time. With his background in chemical technology and my technical commercial experience, the idea to start a business in this sector was born very quickly.

In 2015, Vincent Eijt and I decided to turn our idea into reality. A company name and logo were soon made up and that's how our BÈTA industrie adventure began. Personal contact and tailor-made advice, that is where my passion lies. Are you looking for the right solution for your company for the right filtration, for purchasing (new) filter installations or valves? I would be happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities and to offer the solution.

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Vincent Eijt | BÈTA Industrie
Vincent Eijt Director

The production processes have always interested me, so the choice for my field of study was quickly made. After studying Chemical Technology, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the field of filtration. During my 25 years of experience in filtration for various production processes, I met Sjoerd Scholte. We soon noticed that our knowledge and experience would be a very good combination to start a company together.

In 2015 we formed this combination and BÈTA industrie came to life. I am very enthusiastic about the production processes that occur within your company. With my specialist knowledge as a Chemical Technologist and more than 25 years of experience, I am happy to advise you on the right filters for your company.

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Kenneth van Bovenend | BÈTA Industrie
Kenneth van Bovenend Account Manager Field Service

After having always worked in sales, in 2017 I became part of the field service team of BÈTA industrie. Partly due to my inquisitive and enthusiastic attitude, I have specialized myself in sieving machines. My goal is to bring the benefits of a screening machine (even) more to the attention of various industries. Extremely fine filtering without filter consumption, that's where my specialization lies and the power of a sieving machine.

In my work I find personal contact very important, not only making new contacts, but also maintaining contact with existing relations. The variety in my work and my pursuit of the right machine for your company are an absolute motivation for me. Are you in doubt about purchasing a screening machine or do you have any questions about it? I would be happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities and to offer the solution.

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Joost Andela | BÈTA Industrie
Joost Andela Account Manager Field Service

After some time with another employer, I am happy to be part of the BÈTA industry team again since the end of March 2022. With my extensive experience in sales within various branches, filtration continues to arouse my interest.

I like to make new contacts with my enthusiastic attitude, but also to maintain contact with existing relations. Good contact with each other is always very important to me. At BÈTA industry my focus is on filtration in the chemical industry. I would be happy to visit you to advise you on the right solutions for your process.

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Ivar van Straaten | BÈTA Industrie
Ivar van Straaten Account Manager Field Service

I have joined BÈTA industrie since November 2021 after my Industrial Design Engineering study at TU Delft. During this study, in addition to teaching materials, I also spent a lot of time working with student teams, specifically designing and building an electric formula race car. It should therefore come as no surprise that my great passion is the racing world, although I have also enjoyed competitive swimming since childhood.

Before my position at BÈTA, I had a part-time job at Albert Heijn for a long time and gave tutoring for a number of years. In both cases, I found that I enjoyed my job the most when I could really help people with something, whether that was looking for products or passing an exam. With the same goal, helping people, I hope to be of optimal service to the customer!

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Tom Ferweda |
Tom Ferweda Account Manager Field Service

After school I knew for sure, developing within sales and preferably within the automotive industry. After gaining experience through internships at various companies in the automotive industry, I became even more enthusiastic about the sales profession and that is precisely why I wish to continue to grow in this field. At BÈTA industry I get the opportunity to further develop myself within sales in a not entirely unknown industry, namely horticulture. Living in Boskoop, so I spent a lot of time at the nursery during the holidays and Saturdays, so the affinity with this is certainly there. I like to look together at the possibilities for optimizing water management. I would like to get in touch with you for the best solution for your installation!

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Mathijs Vurens | BÈTA Industrie
Mathijs Vurens Office Manager Inside Sales

In 2019 I started as a shipping employee at BÈTA industrie. In this position I have seen almost all articles once. This has enabled me to build up a broad base of all products. I am now responsible for almost the entire warehouse. From good order processing, transport planning to managing the incoming and outgoing flow of goods.

At the BÈTA industrie there is a lot of diversity, no day is the same. Whether it concerns an order that has to be sent out urgently or the answer to a technical question, I am happy to think and help. This not only makes my work fun, but it is also very educational. If you call or e-mail BÈTA industrie, it may be good for me to answer it.

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Michelle Grootveld | BÈTA Industrie
Michelle Grootveld Administrative Assistant Inside Sales

After gaining extensive experience in administrative positions at various companies, I was looking for a new challenge at a new employer. Starting September 2022 I have found this challenge at BÈTA industrie. Within BÈTA industrie I am involved in processing incoming orders, booking purchase invoices and often times you will catch me when you call us. The nice thing about working at BÈTA Industrie is that my work varies a lot and that I am part of a close and friendly team.

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Mandy Nuvelstijn | BÈTA Industrie
Mandy Nuvelstijn- Schoemaker Marketing & Sales Assistant

After working as a manager in the online travel industry for 10.5 years, I completely changed course. I wanted a completely new challenge closer to home that would make motherhood easier to combine. I have found this challenge at BÈTA industrie since June 2021.

My adventure started at BÈTA industrie as an administrative assistant, where I took care of processing purchase orders to ordering stock items or checking and processing purchase invoices. Due to the various experiences that I have been able to gain in the online travel industry, such as maintaining various websites, writing texts, creating newsletters, I have started to focus more on this within the BÈTA industrie.

Within BÈTA industrie I am involved in marketing and I act as an assistant for the sales team from our office in Hazerswoude Dorp. In addition, I support the internal service where necessary.

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