Olie- en gasindustrie

Oil and gas industry

Product range

BÈTA industrie is a valued supplier of a wide range of filters and valves in the oil and gas industry. For example, a refinery contains thousands of valves for the most critical operations, ranging from flow control, steam management and overpressure protection to recirculation and many other operations.

Active maintenance of valves

Due to their ubiquity and essential nature, valves require active maintenance. As plant managers know all too well, refineries must avoid any unnecessary downtime. This is even more true for offshore applications. If a valve fails, there is a serious risk of emissions, production downtime or possibly worse safety incidents. Studies show that 60 percent of all environmental emissions are caused by leaking valves. That is why our valves are SIL certified. SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level and is a normative method for obtaining reliable and therefore robust process safety.

High demands in the oil and gas industry

BÈTA industrie is aware of the requirements for valves in the oil and gas industry like no other. Similar requirements apply to filtration processes in the oil and gas industry. For example, to make fuels from crude oil. Using the right filtration means a minimization of maintenance and the risk of process disruptions. A correct choice also guarantees that your products are on specification. If there is an off-spec product due to process disruptions, our rental service offers a solution. We provide complete solutions for all your projects, such as ASME and U-stamp, as well as for specific applications, high pressures, etc.

inzet markten olie gas
inzet markten olie gas
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