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Chemical resistant valve for exotic materials

One of our specialties is the supply of a chemically resistant valve. We supply high-quality alloy valves from stock, such as our ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, plate valves and check valves. These can withstand a temperature range from very low cryonics (-196oC) to very high (950oC), with pressure ratings from FV to 15,000 PSI. These properties make the chemically resistant valves ideal for the exotic materials used or processed in your company.

Versions according to high standards

Our products are executed in DIN and ANSI and with the necessary certificates and qualifications. The chemically resistant products are supplied to various end customers, OEM and engineering contractors, in particular in the chemical, petrochemical, gas, nuclear and shipping sectors. We supply the following versions:

  • Super duplex
  • Alloy 20
  • Hastelloy
  • Inconel
  • Incoloy
  • Monel
  • 6moly & 254 SMO
  • Titanium
  • Zirconium,
  • Uranus,
  • 904L

Material types chemically resistant products:

The material types in which we can supply the chemically resistant products are the following: A182 F51, A182 F53, A182 F55, A182 F44, 254 SMO, A351 CN7M, A890 Gr.4A, A890 Gr. 5A, A494, M35-1, B564-N08825, F316TI, A321, A347, C276, A217 WC5, WC9, B148, A494, 1.4462, 6 Moly, UNS S31802, UNS 31254, UNS C95500, A494 CW12MW, A494 M35-1 , A351 CN7M, A317, A351 CG8M, A890-4A CD3MN, A890-5A CEMN, A890-6A CD3MWCUN, duplex 2205, N08825, B564-N08825, 2.4858, N02200, B160, N02200, A494-CZ100, N40, NW2200, , B564. N04400, 1.7730, 2.4360, N05500, N05500, 2.4375, N08904, 904L NCDU, 1.4539, N06600, N06600, A494-CY40, 1.7742, 2.4816, N06625, A494-CW6MC, 2.4856, N10276, B564-N10276, A494-CW2M, 2.484-CW2M , R50400 & B381-Gr2.

Fast delivery of chemically resistant valves

We can guarantee fast delivery times due to our large stock and the short distribution lines of our European suppliers. The customers we supply are OEM and engineering contractors, particularly in the chemical, petrochemical, gas, nuclear and shipping sectors. Curious whether we can supply you with the right valve at the best price and fastest delivery time? Please contact us via +31 79 341 55 18 or via the button below!

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