Sustainable innovation for the Meltblown filter candle

Sustainable innovations and the sustainability of the CO2 footprint are what make us enthusiastic. And especially if the BÈTA industrie is allowed to contribute.

Our strategic partner, Amazon Filters, has been using sustainably produced polypropylene for all meltblown products since March 1, 2024. The sustainably produced polypropylene is made from renewable raw materials. The raw materials are extracted from waste and surplus vegetable raw materials, such as used cooking oil and residues from vegetable oil processing.

These renewable raw materials play a crucial role in the production of biopropane, the starting point for the producer of the propylene monomer. This monomer is then used in the production of high-quality polypropylene. Thanks to interactive processing techniques based on vegetable oil, the biopropane is purer than that produced from fossil raw materials.

The use of waste vegetable oil is comparable to the use of hydrocarbon raw materials from various sources worldwide. Although each batch of oil may have slightly varying properties, this is effectively reduced during processing. Ultimately, this resulted in consistency in specifications and quality of monomers.

Importantly, the plant material has removed carbon from the environment throughout its life cycle, offsetting the carbon emissions that would otherwise be released from the use of fossil monomers. This makes Amazon Filters' meltblown products not only sustainable, but also environmentally friendly and in line with sustainable carbon footprint.

Discover now the innovative solutions for high-quality polypropylene products with a positive impact on the environment.


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