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From waste water to 100% feed water

In the horticultural sector, we supplied a horticultural filter for the Zeurniet nursery in Honselerdijk.

Vibrating screen as an innovative solution

All nurseries have to contend with waste water, which is often cleaned by traditional filters, such as sand filters. A vibrating sieve separates the solid particles in this wastewater stream, so that gardeners can reuse the cleaned wastewater as feed water.

The BÈTA industrie is regularly asked by companies how they could make their water recycling installation better meet the increasingly strict laws and regulations.

Optimized Filtration System

Kwekerij Zeurniet was one of the companies that submitted its question to BÈTA industrie. Nursery Zeurniet invested in a water recycling installation with a sieve bend in 2016. This installation resulted in the necessary water savings, but the nursery noticed that the system still entailed a lot of costs for discharged water.

BÈTA industrie tested various filtration systems for the company and eventually arrived at an AMKCO vibrating sieve. Now Kwekerij Zeurniet has an optimized, cost-saving and environment-saving system. The amount of water discharged has thus been reduced by 100%. With this installation, the nursery took a very big step with a view to the coming legislative change. In the meantime, BÈTA industrie and AMKCO Europe have entered into a successful partnership in the field of reusing water and reducing the associated costs. Market demand led to collaboration between BÈTA Industrie and AMKCO Europe B.V.

Horticultural filter without losing nutrients

BÈTA Industrie launched a horticultural filter in which the water from the nurseries is stripped of solids without losing the nutrients (fertilizers) in the water. The BÈTA-Filter separates the polluted water into a solid mass that can be disposed of and clean water that can be reused immediately.

Depending on the degree of soiling, desired capacity and presence of algae, a machine is selected that uses a filter with a passage of 20-40 microns. The low energy consumption of the filter (0.25 – 1.8 kW), the low maintenance and production costs and the quality of the return water ensure a very attractive payback model. Less pollution, more reuse, less costs and less time! A water recycling installation with a horticultural filter therefore provides a real win-win situation!

Benefits of the filters from BÈTA industrie

The achieved results of the BETA-Filter:

  • Waste water is converted into 100% reusable feed water;
  • BÈTA-Filter filters down to 20 microns;
  • No loss of nutrients;
  • The water tanks remain clean;
  • The acidity of the recycled water is not affected by the residue;
  • The UV filter works more effectively;
  • Significantly fewer malfunctions and necessary repairs due to a cleaner system;
  • Higher capacity;
  • No manpower required.

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