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From waste water to pure feed water

All nurseries have to contend with waste water, which is often caused by traditional filters, such as sand filters or automatic filters. They produce large amounts of rinse water. A vibrating sieve separates this waste water flow into a solid waste material and into a water flow which can be 100% reused as feed water.

Have you prepared your company for the upcoming change in legislation and regulations? As of January 2018 (and 2028), high costs are charged for the discharge of waste water. With a water recycling installation you are definitely prepared for the new legislation and regulations, you avoid significant recurring costs and you benefit from the other advantages of this particularly efficient method of water recycling.

Advantages of a vibrating sieve

Adding a vibrating sieve has numerous advantages compared to the 'existing' pre-filtration:

    No consumption of filter material Waste water is converted into 100% reusable feed water Filters down to 25 microns No loss of nutrients; The water tanks remain clean; The acidity of the recycled water is not affected by the residue; The UV filter works more effectively; Significantly fewer malfunctions and necessary repairs due to a cleaner system; Higher capacity; No manpower required.

A vibrating screen ensures 100% reuse of waste water

An existing water recycling installation with a combination of a sieve bend, sand filtration/automatic filter and UV treatment already results in less waste water. However, a water recycling installation can be made even more efficient by adding a vibrating sieve. By placing a vibrating sieve early in the water recycling process, almost all solid particles are filtered out immediately with a high capacity. The result is only solid matter and a water stream that can be 100% reused as feed water. The addition of the vibrating screen to the water recycling plant means a significantly more efficient way of treating water. Less pollution, more reuse, less costs and less time! The BÈTA separator is frequently used as an alternative to a screen bend, sand filter, paper filter, automatic filter or belt filter.

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