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Custom filter house, a solution for every process

In addition to our wide range of off-the-shelf products, BÈTA industrie is also well-versed in supplying custom solutions. For example, we recently received a request for a filter for a process in which alternative proteins must be concentrated down in a liquid stream. Unlike traditional filtering methods, such as filter bags or cartridges, the customer’s wish was to get a continuous stream of product out of the filter. For this, BÈTA has deployed so-called crossflow technology, resulting in a unique and efficient design through a productive collaboration with both the customer and the manufacturer.

Given the food application, it was important that the filter be sanitary. For this, the elimination of dead spaces was taken into account during production, the housing was polished and the connections were made as DIN11851 sanitary couplings. The design has also been made suitable for easy exchange of filter elements, so testing and maintenance can be carried out as efficiently as possible. In addition, a multitude of filter elements can be utilized, allowing the filter to be used flexibly.

The crossflow technology that BÈTA has used for this filter acts through the separation of the main flow, which is able to flow perpendicularly out of the filter through a porous layer. Solids are then retained in the filter direction, which flow out of the filter again in concentrated form. Depending on the application, the leftover solids can then be collected and used, or the side stream can be provide a clean product flow. Additionally, we can apply this technology to supply custom spargers, where the perpendicular stream is used as an input to create very fine bubbles in the main stream. With these innovations, BÈTA industrie is once again contributing to a more sustainable future.


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