Salinization of groundwater

Salinization of groundwater

The availability of fresh ground and surface water is extremely important for agriculture, nature, industry and drinking water. The intrusion of seawater via large rivers around the Dutch coastal area causes salinization of this ground and surface water, however. It is expected that due to climate change and the rising sea level the salinization of fresh ground and surface water will increase further.

Many are already trying to take this into account when maintaining or replacing installations, for example drinking water providers. These companies usually only replace their purification installation every 30 to 40 years, but desalination techniques, corrosion-resistant piping an filters are already being rolled out and used right now.

The perfect filter for salinization

During the pre-filtration of seawater or saline water the automatic self-cleaning filters of Bernoulli Filters are a perfect solution. By filtering at the finest micronage of 100 microns it can stop any coarse contaminants whilst allowing the salt to pass through. A housing made of glass fiber reinforced material is extremely suitable for the pre-filtration of salt water. For this reason, the BSG model from Bernoulli Filters is the superior material choice when it comes to seawater applications.

Bernoulli Filters

Bernoulli Filters is based in Sweden and continuously applies new innovations to their filter range. By producing reliable, self-cleaning water filters with an ingenious and simple design, they offer the guarantee of safe and efficient operation.

BÈTA Industrie is exclusive agent of Bernoulli Filters and is happy to advise you on the purchase of a Bernoulli Filter or parts for maintenance. Together with one of our specialists, we are happy to look for the best solution for your application.


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