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Sustainable heating for homes and businesses

BÈTA industrie is involved in innovative projects on a daily basis, especially when it comes to sustainability. By 2050, the Netherlands aims to be climate-neutral, and BÈTA industrie is eager to contribute to this goal.

Climate-Neutral Netherlands

Currently, there are numerous projects in the Netherlands striving for a climate-neutral nation, such as the "WarmtelinQ" project by Gasunie. WarmtelinQ is an underground pipeline designed to utilize the excess heat from the Port of Rotterdam to heat homes and businesses in South Holland.

Sustainable Heat

Half of the energy consumed in the Netherlands is dedicated to heating, primarily sourced from fossil fuels like natural gas. Approximately 47% of this energy is used for heating homes and businesses. By repurposing the excess heat from the Port of Rotterdam for heating purposes instead of releasing it as waste, it becomes a carbon-neutral energy source.

The underground pipeline will distribute this excess heat from the Port of Rotterdam, through Vlaardingen to The Hague, and eventually extend to Leiden and surrounding municipalities. Research is also being conducted for possible branches to the Westland and Eastland areas to use this excess heat in greenhouse cultivation.

What Contribution Does BÈTA Industrie Make?

To obtain the desired filters for WarmtelinQ, Gasunie approached multiple companies. During this process, these companies submit their proposals based on the specified requirements. All proposals undergo various evaluations to ultimately select one company to work with.

Sustainable Heat with Filters from BÈTA Industrie

Among all the approached companies, BÈTA industrie was chosen to supply filters for this impressive project over the next 12 years. BÈTA industrie is delighted with Gasunie's trust in this project, which simultaneously contributes to a sustainable future.


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