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The alternative to resin-bonded filter cartridges

In the chemical and coating industries liquids that can be very viscous are often filtered at high temperatures. High-quality filters are required for this process, which previously utilized mainly ProBond and Mico-Klean filter cartridges. It has however been found that the production of these resin-bonded filter cartridges has led to many disadvantages, which has led to the withdrawal of these cartridges from the market. For example, the filter cartridges contained phenolic resins with highly toxic substances, which are harmful to both the environment and the operators exposed to them. It also happened that particles of the resin-bonded filter cartridge came off and contaminated the process.

It became a challenge to develop an alternative that had to meet the combination of high viscosity, temperature and chemical compatibility. After 2 years behind the drawing board, development and testing, an alternative has been found for the resin-bound filter cartridges; the VisClear II filter cartridge.

The VisClear II filter cartridge has been developed around the principle of Meltblown technology, but with a rigid cartridge structure. The VisCear II is the environmentally friendly replacement for the resin-bonded filter cartridges and offers the right degree of rigidity without health, safety and performance risks.

The advantages of the Nylon filter cartridge, type VisClear II?

  • Cleaner process - no particles that detach and contaminate the process.
  • More sustainable – better for the environment and for the health of operators.
  • Improved stiffness - stronger filter fibers that prevent collapse.
  • Wider chemical compatibility – Available in Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene.


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