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The multidimensional vibrating sieve machine

Anyone who thinks that a vibrating sieve machine only achieves positive results for filtering high-quality whey from cheese is wrong. The vibrating sieve can be used for many different applications and can even contribute to the optimization and sustainability of current installations and processes.

Converts waste water into 100% usable feed water

By gaining a lot of knowledge and experience with the vibrating sieve machine in the cheese industry, BÈTA industrie knew for sure that the vibrating sieve could be a huge success for the reuse of waste water with just a few adjustments. Together with AMKCO Europe BV, as a specialist in the production and supply of sieving machines and sieving materials, the horticulture filter was created and has since been produced with great success.

A horticulture filter from BÈTA industrie can already be found at more than 300 plant nurseries and it contributes, among other things, to converting waste water into 100% reusable nutrient water without loss of nutrients.

The horticulture filter can not only be used at nurseries, but also as a waste stream filter at fish, meat, vegetable and potato processors.

The right link for optimal manure processing

The vibrating sieve machine can offer an absolute solution for manure processors and will play an even more important role due to the drastic change in the nitrogen use standard for 2026. By using the manure sieve as the last step before the final filtration, the manure will be separated into a fraction of solids and an aqueous fraction.

Even recycle bread with a vibrating sieve machine?

An application in a process where the combination with a vibrating sieve machine would not be obvious, but turns out to be a great success. Within the Netherlands, bakeries have about 130,000 loaves of bread left over per day, which, in accordance with laws and regulations, may no longer be sold the next day. Several bakeries are already working with parties that combat food waste and still sell leftovers at reduced rates, but with a lot of loaves going to waste.

Leftover loaves can be recycled in their entirety. By using a vibrating sieve machine, it is possible to use coarser pieces, for example, as chicken feed. The biggest result is that up to hundreds of kilos of flour can be produced per day for new breads.

What other applications?

A vibrating sieve machine can be a valuable addition in many industries and for different applications. BÈTA industrie also has experience with the following processes:

  • Removing plastic from washing water.
  • Filtering crumbs from deep-frying fat after pre-frying chips.
  • Removing impurities from paper coating.
  • Separating waste from insects for a longer and better preservation of the insects.


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