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Time for sustainable heat

For the heating of houses, greenhouses and industry, heat is being extracted from below the surface. The deeper we go, the higher the temperature rises. By pumping up the water present in these underground layers the heat can be extracted. Once cooled down, a pump ensures that this water flows back into the same earth layer it originates from, allowing it to be heated up again.

Reliable partner

Naturally, for geothermal projects it is important to work together with an experienced and reliable partner within the geothermal market. By using the wrong filter, for example, pressure can build up in the injection well, and a high likelihood arises of clogging the heat exchangers or underground screens. Huge risks that should rather be avoided in a project. By using the right filter bags and filter cartridges in the correct micronage, and by exploiting the experience of BÈTA industrie, these risks can be prevented.

BÈTA industrie has been involved in various geothermal project in the Netherlands since 2010. By now BÈTA industrie supports more than 15 projects and is therefore in the position of market leader in the supply of filters and valves. Additionally, BÈTA industrie is collaborating in the development of new, state of the art filtration technologies. Tailor-made advice can be offered from the first test drilling to the optimization of existing projects.

Benefits of Geothermics

  • Geothermal energy is available in many regions and is produced and used locally.
  • Sustainable due to the negligible CO2, and other, emissions.
  • Not dependent on weather, wind or season, so reliable and predictable.
  • One of the most affordable alternative heat sources.


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